Paint Scraping Fun


We’ve had a lot of fun with paint during this Winter LEAP! From paint popsicles to this week’s paint scraping, we’ve seen that paint does not require brushes. Speaking of paint scraping, let’s explore!


Paint scraping? Tell me more!

Paint scrape process art explores positive and negative space, meaning where the paint is and where the paint isn’t. Toddlers can work their fine motor skills and creativity by manipulating different tools to spread, scrape, and twirl paint.

Which tools should I use?

The possibilities are endless! You can purchase tools specifically designed for paint scraping, or use items around the house.

  • Textured Paint Scrapers – Looking for unique and fun designs? These scrapers from Discount School Supply are easy to hold and create different designs.
  • BioColor Paint Scrapers – You may remember BioColor paint from our paint popsicles. This paint is specially formulated to stay separated (no more strange brown color!). These paint scrapers are straight-edged.
  • Combs – Have old combs or brushes at home? Use them to create designs.
  • Credit Cards – Old ones of course! Plastic cards work similarly to the above mentioned BioColor scrapers. Reduce, reuse, recycle!

I have my tools… now what?

  1. Choose your canvas! Try different types of paper - wax paper, foil, construction paper. Each one will create a new masterpiece!
  2. Place globs of paint across your canvas. Add essential oils and spices for an additional sensory experience!
  3. Scrape! Swirl! Smush! Twirl! Go on a tool hunt! What other items can be used as paint scrapers?
  4. Wait for your masterpiece to dry! Find a special spot for it to hang or fill in the negative space! Invite toddlers to grab a chunky crayon and fill in the blank spaces. It’s like bumpy, colorful maze!

Have you tried paint scraping at home? Let us know!

Written by Nicole Filippone