Springtime in the African Journey

Spring is a time to celebrate new life and old friends returning. The Regenstein African Journey (RAJ) is the perfect place to do so! We will be playing and exploring here for the next three weeks. You can learn all about the animals that call RAJ home under “Meet the Animals” up top. Recently, RAJ has welcomed some new faces. Let’s explore the new arrivals!

Plains Zebras.jpg

Plains Zebras

September 2017 brought more stripes to Lincoln Park Zoo. Two 3-year-old Plains Zebras began exploring their new home at RAJ. They traveled up from sunny West Palm Beach, Florida and have made themselves comfortable in Chicago. Stop by the process art station to catch a glimpse of these boys running in their outdoor yard.



In May 2018, a tall, spotted gentleman arrived at Lincoln Park Zoo. Finely traveled from Peoria Zoo as a social companion for Etana, the female giraffe living at RAJ. Finely will turn 3 on July 25th – make sure to swing by and wish him a happy birthday!

Baby Diana Monkey.jpg

Diana Monkey

August 3, 2018 welcomed a tiny Diana Monkey! The baby represents a success for the Species Survival Plan (SSP), a shared conservation effort by zoos throughout the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. The little one joins an older sibling born in April 2017. Baby Diana Monkeys are dependent on their mothers for at least 6 months!


Eastern Black Rhinoceros

Kapuki, the 13-year-old female rhinoceros, is pregnant! Using fecal samples, Lincoln Park Zoo’s scientists were able to confirm pregnancy. Kapuki is a pro at being a mom! She and mate, Maku, welcomed King in 2013. King is now a grown rhinoceros, living at Brookfield Zoo. Baby rhino is due in May, so follow #RhinoWatch for continued updates.

We hope you love playing alongside the animals in the Regenstein African Journey as much as we do! During your next LEAP class, take a tour and say hi to some new and favorite friends!

Written by Nicole Hodur