Springtime Scavenger Hunt


It’s springtime in Chicago! Birds are gathering materials for nests, plants are sprouting, and you’re not sure if you should turn on the heat or the air conditioning – all signs that it’s time to head outdoors. We’ve had a long, dreary winter and most of us are feeling antsy. Do you miss the sunshine and the breeze? Are you ready to visit your favorite parks?

Spring is the perfect time to explore. The snow has melted away, leaving treasures all around. Flowers are blooming and trees are budding, sending petals everywhere. Insects are coming out of their winter hiding spots in search of food. Why not grab your rain jacket and head out on a scavenger hunt?

If you’re looking for guidance, have no fear! There are numerous scavenger hunts available online. We created a simple nature BINGO sheet that you can download here:

Apps are another great way to explore the outdoors, plus you can keep track of what you’ve found and save your findings to share with others. Here are a few of our favorite nature apps:

  • Plum’s Photo Hunt – Part of PBS KIDS! Plum Landing, an environmental science program designed to get kids excited about exploring in nature. This app sends kids on outdoor missions to photograph everything from weather to bugs.

  • Geocaching – Become part of the world’s largest outdoor treasure hunt! Use this app to find some of the millions of goodies hidden in areas nearby. This is a great family activity!

  • Nature Passport – This app, created by a pair of nonprofits in Washington state and Australia, aims to get kids and their families outdoors. You can learn, explore, and play with this on-the-go nature guide!

What interesting things have you found? What are your favorite places to explore? We’d love to hear!