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Q. What does a typical class look like?

A. Each week will contain about 45 minutes of free play, where you and your child(ren) are free to participate in any and all of the stations. For the last 15 minutes of each session we will read a related story, have an animal experience, or go on a nature walk.

Q. What should we wear?

A. Dress yourself and your child(ren) to get dirty, as some materials will be messy.

Q. Who should come with to class?

A. The allowed adult to child ratio is up to two adults per one child.

Q. Can we bring siblings?

A. If you are bringing additional children to class, they must be 12 months old or younger. Children older than 12 months must wait until they are 2 years old to attend. Children who have aged out of LEAP (age 4 and up) are welcome to spend time in the building(s) once class is over.

Q. Can we make-up a class if we miss it?

A. There are no make-ups for missing a LEAP session.

Q. How does parking work?

A. The cost of parking is not included in your registration. Free parking is included with a Safari Membership. Please visit here for information about parking at the zoo and here for more information on the perks of becoming a zoo member.

Q. What is the cell phone policy?

A. Both you and your child(ren) should be participating in the activities together at LEAP. Please put away your cell phones and enjoy this special time with your child(ren). Additionally, staff will be taking photos to capture special moments, which will be shared at the end of the series.

Q. Can we bring snacks?

A. In order to respect everyone in our LEAP community, we ask that snack time wait until after class is finished. If you must bring a snack with you, we ask that all snacks are nut and egg free, as there are participants with allergies.