Meet the Animals in the Small Mammal Reptile House

Over the next four weeks, we will be playing and exploring alongside some new animals friends. Don’t let the name fool you, the Small Mammal Reptile House is full of animals with BIG personalities! From slinky scales to fluffy fur, the animals inside SMRH are colorful, sneaky, and playful. Let’s take a quick trip through the building to say hello!

When you walk inside and turn right, you will enter the reptile gallery. Here you’ll find slithering snakes and hopping toads, as well as lizards galore! As you wind through, here are a few animals to look for:



One of the few amphibians you’ll find,
This creature sure is one-of-a-kind!
Feathery gills and tiny legs,
A finned tail and hatching from eggs.


Meller's Chameleon

Green and bright, I blend in well.
I sometimes change color, can you tell?
My tongue is long to catch buzzing flies
And I can grow up to 2 feet in size!


Black Tree Monitor

My coloring is black and dark.
You’ll often see me hugging tree bark.
I have a long tail that wraps around.
I like to keep safe high off the ground.


West African Gaboon Viper

Under the leaves, I’m a master of disguise.
My head is a triangle, 5 inches in size.
I live in Africa where it’s warm and wet.
I am venomous—don’t keep me as a pet!

As you pass the auditorium, you’ll enter the mammal gallery. Many of the homes in this area will be dark – there are nocturnal animals living here! Keep an eye out for these special friends:


Brush Tailed Bettong

I like to hop, but I’m no kangaroo.
I like to eat mushrooms, seeds, & bugs, too.
I am nocturnal—“shhhh!” during the day!
My young are small & in my pouch they lay.

Cactus Mouse.jpg

Cactus Mouse

I'm tiny but quick - watch me go!
I scurry around to and fro.
At night I search for bugs and seeds,
A burrow below is what every mouse needs!


Naked Mole Rats

I am almost blind, I can't see well.
I find my way using hearing and smell.
My teeth are long and used to chew.
I live underground here at LPZoo!

Fruit Bat.jpg

Egyptian Fruit Bat

Have you ever hung upside down?
That’s where you’ll find me, small and brown.
My favorite snack is juicy fruit!
I have a fox-like face with a furry snoot.

Once you’ve exited the bat cave, you’ll enter the ecosystem. It’s bright and warm, helping the animals feel comfy and cozy. Here you’ll find mammals, reptiles, birds, and fish! Let’s see who lives here:


Asian Small Clawed Otter

Splish! Splash! The water is my home.
In rivers and creeks I like to roam.
My fur is waterproof and very slick.
If you listen, you may hear me chatter and click.


Fennec Fox

You’ll find me in the desert where it’s hot and dry.
I live in temperatures that climb very high.
I have HUGE ears that help me hear
And keep me safe from predators far and near.


Hoffmann's Two-Toed Sloth

I like to live my life hanging out in the trees.
I move soooo sloooow—no running, please!
My name says I have two giant toes.
Scan my home to see me striking a pose.


Red-Footed Tortoise

I am named for my colors, bright and red.
My shell protects my arms, legs, and head.
I munch on leaves, veggies, and fruit.
I'll visit you at the glass - it's very cute!


Puerto Rican Parrot

When it comes to conservation, we’re a success!
Pardon our peanuts—we sure can make a mess.
We traveled here from Puerto Rico, an island south.
Look for the red feathers right above our mouth.


We love having LEAP inside the Small Mammal Reptile House! There are so many fun exhibits to explore, most of which are at perfect toddler height. The twists and turns are great for exploring, and the ecosystem feels like a trip to the desert or rainforest! Plus, the zoo’s “Meet an Animal” program happens here each day at 11am. Which animals are you and your little one excited to spend time with?